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MHS Genesis Patient Portal

MHS Genesis Patient Portal – The TRICARE web-based patient portal is set to remain live until all healthcare records are moved to the MHS (Military Health System) Genesis patient portal. The new system will be fully integrated with the Genesis software, prior to the migration. Once the migration is complete, all records will be checked and cross-checked in the new system. This ensures that all healthcare information is correct. This is to ensure patients get accurate, up-to-date diagnoses and treatment from their doctors.

MHS Genesis Patient Portal


The TRICARE portal is secured by a password system that requires the user to have administrator privileges to access the secure part of the system. The Administrators can change the password at any time. Security is one of the main concerns for the MHS Genesis Patient Portal as many people may share the same password across different companies. Therefore, security has been one of the top issues discussed in the system.

When the system is initially set up, a user needs to log on and change the default settings on the portal to MHS Genesis default settings. This allows the system to connect to the Tricare system. Then, a user logs on and chooses the default portal, and submits the new logon. This is how the tool secure patient portal initially connects to the system.

After the system has been set up, each MHS clinic can use the default settings or customize the system depending on their requirements. This allows each clinic the option of whether or not they can post digital photos on the website. They can also use the Genesis system’s private messaging system for communication between staff. This allows the clinic’s active duty physicians to communicate with the clinic’s online schedulers.

During the go-live event, the system will prompt each clinic to log in. The system will then prompt each user to verify their patient information. This verifies the information that has been provided on the MHS Genesis Patient Portal. It also prompts each user to submit any new health care documents that they want to use.

The go-live event for the system can take up to 30 minutes. Once the system has gone live, each authorized site can accept new patients and begin treating them. Patients can also access their health history, as well as learn more about any treatments that are currently available. This gives clinics and health care teams a new system that increases patient convenience and helps health care professionals to improve patient care.

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